Imagine watching your grandparents in a video interview…

We create personal video time capsules of you or your loved ones through intentional conversations that will connect future generations!

Your loved one’s life story is invaluable so why not preserve it before it’s too late?

Life can change in an instant. With a Personal Video Time Capsule, you’ll rest easy knowing your loved ones character, experience and personal story will be digitally preserved, indefinitely!

New Family Members

Preserving your story allows your loved ones the opportunity to learn from you in ways you never thought possible… for generations to come!

Special Occasions

Preserving your loved one’s story makes for the perfect gift! Share it at any celebration!

Sickness In The Family

During uncertain times, sharing your story can be the most important gift you give your loved ones.

A Millennial's Experience

Simply book in a time and either show up at your computer or at home…We do the rest.

Book a Call

Everybody has a different, unique story and with each story comes a set of new experiences and highlights. Understanding your loved ones needs is our top priority which makes sharing your story, on your special day, seamless and effortless.

Share Your Story

Working with leading edge experts in storytelling, we’ve crafted key questions that guide and develop your unique story. On your special day, whatever you want to share is up to you. We take care of the rest.

Play Your Story

Your story is now crafted by our video editing team. On completion, you receive a highlight reel, 7 minutes in length, perfect for get togethers and remembrance. You also receive the full version. Your video personal time capsule is ready.

Our Process

Whether you've opted for an online video time capsule or an in person video time capsule, these are the six simple steps we take to encapsulate your life story for decades to come.

Life Chapters

We attempt to unlock the sentimental moments that have occurred in the life of your loved ones to ensure that these special details will live on forever,

Some Of Our Clients

Here is a snapshot of some of the lifelong memories we've helped capture. Share Your Story is committed to ensuring that your family archives can be passed along from one generation to the next.

Betsy K.

"I hope that you know a little bit more about your ancestors.. live as good as you possibly can"

Video Time Capsule Preview

Clara C.

"The one person in my world who could always make me smile, no matter my mood or situation has another chance to do it"

Video Time Capsule Preview

Client Testimonials

Hear directly from a few of our previous clients. Share Your Story provides families with a look into the past while shining a light on the future.

Laura N.

"I wanted to move forward with this because I really regret not getting my mother's story...for us, for my nephews and for my dad's linage when he leaves"


Arlene B.

"When I think of my mother, tears come to my eyes, but there's a love there that's so great... I hope that they think of me in a kind, favorable light"






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